Fleas in my house

Asked October 17, 2018, 2:16 PM EDT

Greetings: We do NOT have any pets, nor any visiting animals/pets recently. Somehow fleas traveled back with me from Florida this past weekend and I am trying to get rid of the, Please help. I am vacuuming constantly and wearing white socks around so I can see them instantly when they get on my feet or ankles. I have picking them off me and washing them down the drain or sucking them into the vacuum. Is there any non-toxic substance I can apply inside the house? I prefer NOT to use, or have someone come in and set off "bombs" to de-flea us. I do not want to breathe it or have residue all over everything. Please HELP!!! Many thanks.

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You are doing the right things. Keep vacuuming, and become aware of their habitat needs, which without pets, you likely don't have.
See here: https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/fleas

Did you have them when in Florida?
It is possible, even without a pet to have them here.
This is a FAQ from our website that you should consider:

We have no pets in our home but yet my husband and I are being bitten by fleas. Where are they coming from and how are they getting into our house?

Most likely you have one or a few unwanted critters living in a crawl space, attic, an unused fireplace, or some other such area close or inside your home. The key to controlling the fleas is discovering where the animals are living and relocating them. Some pest management companies trap wildlife and there is a list of wildlife control cooperators on the Maryland Department of Natural Resources website(link is external). After they are relocated or trapped, tightly seal up any possible entry points into your home.