ID help please

Asked October 17, 2018, 8:37 AM EDT

These are growing in my daughter's Wilder Vermont yard. The 1st photo is of a flowering plant about 24-30" tall in full sun; the other photos are of a shrub (willow perhaps?) also growing in full sun. The shrub is about 5' tall and wide and seems to have a blue-ish tint. I tried for a close-up of the leaves in that one.
As always, thanks for your help - it's very much appreciated!

Howard County Maryland

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Left photo - the plant looks like a type of aster. However, there are many species and we cannot identify the species.

Middle and right photos - There are not enough identifying features and the photos are out of focus. Also, it is possible the plant may not grow or is hardy in our area.
We recommend that you reach out to the Extension in Vermont and/or the Master Gardeners in that area. Perhaps your daughter can take a sample to the Master Gardeners.