Clones wilting in my aquaponics system

Asked October 16, 2018, 3:59 PM EDT

My clones have been wilting in my aquaponics system. They will be fine for about 4 hours then 3/4 of them wilt at the top. If I place the clones in a cup of the fish tank water they bounce back after about a day but when put back in the peatmoss cube in the system they eventually wilt again. The only recent thing I have changed is I’m using rain catchment water and I’ve been using baking soda to raise the ph and about month ago I added some nematodes to try to kill some fungus mat larvie then when that didn’t work I tried adding diatmaous earth to the rocks in the bio filter. I’ve being doing aquaponics for years and never had this problem. Maybe something in the rain catchment water? The only difference between the water I was using vs the rain catchment water is the well water I was using was a little harder and the ph didn’t need adjusting. The rain water is very acidic, soft and low alkalinity.

Clackamas County Oregon

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I’m actually not asking about marijuana. I have grown in the past but the current farm/ project we are working on is ghost chili’s, habaneros, and hops. I have some very unique strains of the above varieties of plants above that I have bread myself. The way I keep my strains is similar to the pot farmers with the moms and clones but again no pot in this project, just looking to see why when we are taking cuts of our ghost chili mom the cuts seem to wilt in the bio filter

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I would not use baking soda for pH adjustment. Eventually you will have a build up of sodium. You could use potassium bicarbonate, calcium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. If your roots are brown you may have a root rot. Plants will wilt in the middle of the day and perk back up when they cool off. The well water would be my choice if still available.