Fruit tree pests? Bacterial canker?

Asked October 16, 2018, 2:51 PM EDT

What pests (if any) or pathogens trouble fruit trees in the coastal/Brookings area of Curry County? Planted bare root dwarf apple, peach, cherry, mulberry and mandarin orange this year. Cherry may have bacterial canker. Seller advised waiting for leaf drop, then to sterilize tools, whack off at an angle below the damage, bag and dispose of the cutting, and swab cut with rubbing alcohol. Any thing else you can recommend?

Curry County Oregon fruit trees horticulture

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Here is some information about bacterial canker on cherries in the Pacific NW. It identifies numerous cultural control options that you should consider prior to any chemical controls. If you haven't planted a cherry cultivar that is resistant to bacterial canker, you may want to start over with a resistant one.

Here is a link to an OSU Extension power point presentation titled "Growing Tree Fruits Successfully" that addresses many topics but also discusses the most common tree fruit pests (diseases & insects).
Lastly, this is a link to another helpful OSU Extension publication "Managing Diseases and Insects in the Home Orchard"