Methane in well water

Asked October 16, 2018, 2:26 PM EDT

I bought a house with a well the well has methane in it the problem I have is that my hot water faucets spit an blow water everywhere when fist turned on. Is there a way to vent this without having to get a big aeration system. Would an Apco valve work?

St. Clair County Michigan

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Hello, and thank you for your response.

For the best recommendation on this issue, it would be best to directly contact the St. Clair Health Department:

Specifically, you an contact Sheri Faust (

Thank you.

I just got some additional information from Sheri, and wanted to share that with you:

Contact the Health Dept, contact info below, Monday – Friday, 8am – 4:30pm and one of our office Sanitarian’s will be able to answer their questions and assist them. If they are concerned about water quality, they can purchase a water sample bottle from the health department to have their water tested.

Typically when we hear about or see this problem, it is related to plumbing and not related to water quality. However, related to this is getting more information from the resident about if this is a new home construction, or just a new home purchase, township location, address to look up past well records, well construction date, etc.

St. Clair County Health Department

3415 28th Street, Port Huron, MI 48060

(810) 987-5306