Grub Control Question

Asked October 14, 2018, 10:18 AM EDT

I have an (I Think) Unusual Grub Problem. Our Lawns seem to be OK, but I'm suddenly (Since oct.1) having grubs come up to the surface of my Patio. The Patio consists of a 10 X 12 area With a 6 inch Deep Sand Bed topped with thin Paver style Bricks spaced 1/2 inch apart. Grubs have began coming up through the 1/2 inch spaces between the Bricks. The Patio has been in place for the last 20 years or maybe even a bit longer, and I've never seen any Grubs like this before. I'm wondering if the Excessive Rainfall is causing them to move into the Sand where water drains much quicker than in the Lawn or Garden. Regardless, I want to eradicate them. Thanks. Davidsonville, MD.

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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Are you certain they are grubs? If you want to send a photo, which you can attach directly to this reply, we could check.
We think you did a pretty good job of figuring this out.
With our incredible rains this season, we also think that the grubs moved into your sand to escape water-logged soil.
They can't live without moisture though, so they will either die or move back into the landscape.
We don't recommend control other than if you want to scoop/sweep them up and dispose of them... though birds would love to eat them in a feeder or if you know someone with chickens.