Asked October 12, 2018, 12:53 PM EDT

What plants can I plant near or around my Hostas to help deter deer from having their meal? I tried moth balls and they worked ok but I had to replenish them frequently.. Any suggestions> Thank You Dennis... GO GREEN.........Literally.............

Oakland County Michigan

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Hello Dennis,

Any aromatic plants that will grow among the hosta may help. If the area is very shady, this will be difficult because most aromatic plants want full sun. Try tough plants like garlic chives, sage and mint. These are so tough they can spread, so some culling of unwanted plants will need to be done each year, especially with garlic chives and mints. Some reports say deer usually stay about 2-3feet away from these, but if hungry enough may not!

If the area is part sun, you may have success with low growing aromatic evergreens like juniper, and the prickly plants may help, too, such as barberry - Berberis x mentorensis is listed as moderately shade tolerant.

Otherwise, it is best to remove ‘ deer candy’ like hosta and plant only deer resistant plants. Here is a link listing plants by their ‘resistance’-

And some other references on the subject, from Extension sources-

The following lists some aromatic plants. Check the USDA Hardiness zone on these, as some may not be hardy in Oakland County( zone 5-6)

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