Is this a Scorpion?

Asked October 11, 2018, 10:34 PM EDT

My aunt found this scorpion-like critter crawling around in my mother's finished basement tonight in Calvert County, MD. What would this be? Is it venomous? Would there be others hiding in the living space? Thanks in advance for your response.

Calvert County Maryland

1 Response

This looks like a type of Crayfish.
Take a look at this page from MD DNR that lists those that might be near you.

Like finding any insect, spider or rodents or snakes in your home, check to be sure window and door sweeps are in good order, and caulk up any places where things might enter, paying attention to areas withutilities, wires or plumbing.

With as wet as it's been, maybe they are inhabiting closer than usual?