Children are taking in pollution from the 25 years ice cream van

Asked October 11, 2018, 11:03 AM EDT

Hi my name is Basharath Hussain I live on Dennis rd. I have Concerns regarding HEALTH N SAFETY of 5 to 11 years children.the Ice cream is so old and he always comes 1 hours b4 and leave the ingine running for 2 hours. My concerns are the children are inhaling these fumes I believe this ice cream van is more then 20 years old. In later in life they health will be an issue PLEASE HELP ME TO SAVE THESE CHILDREN LIFES. MY TEL NO IS 07392349882. KIND REGARDS BASHARATH HUSSAIN 56 DENNIS RD BHAM B12 8BJ

Outside United States

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Unsure where you are located as the question is labeled as "outside United States". I will suggest getting in touch with your local or country health department/ministry for information and possible action in this matter.

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