Questions about a fungus that's spreading in my yard

Asked October 10, 2018, 1:58 PM EDT

I have been trying to eradicate a fungus that has appeared in my yard, but it's possible that my efforts have only encouraged it to spread. It first appeared along the edge between some gravel and the lawn, on the gravel side. I started by removing the surface growth of the fungus, and then tried spraying with a mix of vinegar, water and dish soap. The vinegar solution quickly dispatched the surface growth, along the edging, but the fungus has now appeared, mostly in the gravel, over an area of about 8' x 8'. The growth in the gravel looks like white webbing. The growth that has spread into the grass looks more like lacy mushrooms. I'm worried that it might continue to spread and wonder if it will damage plants that it interacts with, if it's an invasive species, and if there's a way to eradicate it. I'm attaching some photos.

Washington County Oregon

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Slime molds are a fungus-like organism that feeds off decaying plant tissue. They don't harm plants or animals and eventually break down and dissipate on their own. You can hasten this by spraying with water to break up the slime mold. Slime molds may occasionally grow around a plant and shade it, but aren't directly causing a disease. As the organic matter in your soil breaks down the slime molds will not occur as often.
Control of algae in lawns is similar to the way to control moss.