Evergreen problem

Asked October 10, 2018, 1:30 PM EDT

This tree is probably 40 yrs old. I've been here 25yrs. I have never seen this type of damage ,it covers the whole tree, any suggestions either what it is or a recommendation for an expert I can hire to look at it. I used to use Davey tree but they seem to not be up to par lately. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Ken

Wayne County Michigan

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From pictures a diagnosis isn’t possible. You can get a diagnosis in two ways-

  1. Submit sample branches, ones that show both diseased and healthy needles attached, to MSU Plant Diagnostic lab. Instructions, forms, and fee schedule are here: https://pestid.msu.edu
  2. Hire a certified arborist who will come on site and examine the soil, roots, branches, needles. To find certified arborists search by zip code here- www.treesaregood.org

This could be one or more issues such as drought stress, too much water, insect pest, fungal disease, root zone damage. The lab would be able to confirm fungi and insects. So I think the certified arborist would be the best approach.

Here are a couple references for you, if you want to examine the variety of issues that bother spruce trees



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