Use for grape crystals

Asked October 10, 2018, 1:22 PM EDT

Hi there and thanks! I make grape juice every year and have been wondering if there is any use for the crystals left when I let it sit before canning it. I have read that it's tartaric acid and wonder if I can use it for anything. I hate throwing out anything! Thanks!


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Thank you for your question.

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Hi! thanks. What I am asking, however, is there any use for the little crystals? I figured they were so interesting this year that I'd dry them and save them. I guess I could glue them on an art project, but I wonder if anyone has found a use for them. This is really obscure! But I like thinking about goofy things like this. They are lovely! Purple and glisteny!!

What falls out is Potassium bitartrate and is a combination of the tartaric acid in the grape combining with potassium also in the grape. My wife makes wine and the "wine diamonds" from the cold stabilization are discarded.

I suggest you get on the internet and try some searches.