Monrovia Kadota Fig Tree

Asked October 10, 2018, 9:56 AM EDT

I have a Monrovia Kadota Fig tree we purchased from Lowe's almost 4 years ago. I am not used to this tree's behavior and wanted to see if there was any advise on a few things:
It dies every winter, and regardless of pruning it starts from scratch with new growth, so whatever grew last year dies. We cover it up bundle it up in the winter (we are in Middle TN).
I haven't had much time to care for it, it is time to prune but fruit is still maturing so I will likely wait until November. It is very wide and covers the walkway. I'd like to prune/train it to grow more in height than width. Any recommendations and advice is greatly appreciated. The picture attached is from last October it is even bigger/wider this year.

Williamson County Tennessee

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Thank you for your question. The following Extension article has a lot of information about fig trees (especially for colder climates): Good luck!