Help with apple tree

Asked October 9, 2018, 6:34 PM EDT

Beloved apple tree fell sideways with too much rain and too many apples. It is VERY old, but I'd like to save it if possible. It was already propped up. Over the years it has been propped up. In the pics you can see the old support. It is one-sided because there are Doug Firs behind it on the north side. There is a young healthy plum on the south of the apple tree, that got pruned a lot last winter to keep it from getting out of hand and already is growing back like crazy. Recommendations???

Clackamas County Oregon apple trees

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Thanks for your question. You have a challenge, but I think the following OSU Extension may offer some valuable advice: Years of a lack of correct pruning may have taken their toll, but there still might be hope! Let us know if you need more help. And good luck!

That is good long term advice, but the immediate problem is that the tree has pulled up out of the ground at the root ball is is leaning over on its side. It is almost horizontal (please see pictures.) Is there a suggested method for getting and keeping the tree upright again without doing more damage?

Unfortunately, this is not something that can be assessed via Internet. I recommend you find a certified arborist who can evaluate the tree’s condition, to see if it can be saved.