Selling jams and jellies

Asked October 9, 2018, 4:04 PM EDT

My philanthropic group is considering selling jams and jellies as a fundraiser. Can we sell them to other chapters of our group and/or at farmer’s markets. We would be able to obtain food handler’s cards and what ever else is needed

Deschutes County Oregon

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I can help you with your home food safety and preservation questions, but since you are considering selling your homemade products commercially, you will need to work with the Oregon Department of Agriculture Food Safety Specialist for our area. Jon Harrang will be able to help you with the information that you need. His email address is

My recommendation for preparation of your jams and jellies is to use and follow up-to-date, tested recipes from reliable resources such as the National Center for Home Food Preservation or pectin companies. Processing in a water bath canner for the recommended time prevents spoilage due to molds, yeasts or bacteria.There is concern about some recipes that may be widely available, but could be at risk for botulism.

If you need help with a new product or recipe, the Oregon State University Food Innovation Center in NW Portland is available to assist entrepreneurs with the development, testing, marketing, research and business plan development needed to take a new product to a commercial level. Their number is 503-872-6680.