Organic Pre- emergent herbicide

Asked October 9, 2018, 1:13 PM EDT

I have read that corn gluten is an effective pre-emergent herbicide. I run a large garden that grows vegetables exclusively for food shelves. We have a lot of trouble with crab grass choking out our onions (we plant 4,000) and are looking for a way to make this a little easier. Should we try this? Do you know where we can buy this at a reasonable price? Thanks! Ted Bolles

Washington County Minnesota

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It does work and it takes about 3 years of applications before it is most effective. Results the first year are not as good as one hopes. I am only familiar with Hennepin county for supplies and I have heard the of the Southside farm store as offering the best price. The do not seem to have a web sit. The Urban Eggplant in St. Paul May carry it too.