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Asked October 9, 2018, 9:09 AM EDT

I have a young snake that’s about 2-3 months old, i bought her a couple days ago, this isn’t my first snake but it is my first bp, she hasn’t had any issues except with she won’t take food and she has a bit of wrinkly skin so I’m guessing she’s about to shed but my concern is that when she’s in her cage she just lays out flat and doesn’t curl up and it is worrying me. I keep her cage partially dry but i do wet the cage when i take her out so that when i put it back her coconut soil isn’t too dry, and i keep half of her cage lit and heated to 83 and the other half to about 74 and not lit. I feed her frozen fuzzies and i handle her often and when i do handle her she likes to move around until she curls around my fingers and stays still. But I’ve never had a snake lay like she is right now. Any thoughts?

Dallas County Texas

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Thank you for your question. If you've only had the snake a couple of days, and it's not showing any signs of respiratory problems, then I would be too concerned. It will take your snake a little while to get used to its new surroundings.

Here's a link to a ball python care sheet published by Reptiles Magazine:

Make sure you're maintaining your snake's enclosure at the proper temperature and humidity. If you're still concerned about your snake's behavior after a couple of days, then I suggest you contact an experienced reptile veterinarian and get their opinion. Here's a link to the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians where you can locate a vet in your area:

I hope this information helps, and thank you for contacting Ask an Expert.