Asked October 8, 2018, 3:53 PM EDT

Is there a way for me to make some kind of support (or even to purchase one) that's strong enough for a Maximillian perennial sunflower (sp. Helianthus)? Because of all the rain (or maybe my soil is too rich) it has splayed open from the center and the stems are covering surrounding plants. It is covered in flowers but is way too tall. I did cut it back once in the early spring to try to stunt the growth but it's still about 8' tall. Any suggestions to keep the tall stems growing upwards in a straight fashion? Thank you.

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The easiest solution would probably be to drive several tall stakes around the base (about a foot away from the base). Then gather up the plant's stems, and encircle with sturdy twine that is supported by the stakes, You may need twine at 2-3 different heights to contain it all and support it.