Tomatoes with black spots

Asked October 8, 2018, 1:27 PM EDT

My husband and I bought a flat of your Roma tomatoes Friday at the sale to can. Fully half the tomatoes have these black spots and quite a few were rotting. From what I have been reading on line, some people say I can cut the spots off, peel them and can them, others say no. If that's the case I am afraid I will have to throw out the majority of the tomatoes we bought away. Please help, this is my first foray into canning other than putting up applesauce.

Ingham County Michigan

2 Responses

Hi there, I have included a few links below that can hopefully help you determine what the cause of the black spots on your tomatoes are. Whether they are safe to eat really depends on the cause of the spots. If it looks like it is blight, then you should not use them to can, as it can reduce the acidity of the tomato, making canning them unsafe.

In addition, since you are new to canning (other than applesauce), here is a link to some great information on "how to" can, including a section specific to tomatoes.

I hope this information has been helpful.

I also meant to include the number to MSU Extension's gardening hotline, please use this if you need to talk with someone (I don't have the exact time that they staff this hot-line, but I know it's M-F, not weekends).