Red maple shedding leaves early

Asked October 8, 2018, 11:19 AM EDT

Our 8-year-old red maple has grown quickly and always looked healthy, including this summer. During the past 10 days, it has dropped 3/4 of its leaves - before they turned red and much earlier than usual. (Normally, it is one of the last trees to hold its leaves in the fall.) The leaves have spots and patches of brown before they fall (photo attached). It's obviously not drought. Too much water? Insects? If the latter, anything we can do? Thanks!

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We have had many questions this summer about maple trees losing leaves. Due to the wet weather, they have been subject to a couple different fungal leaf spot diseases - anthracnose and phyllostica leaf spot in particular. Even though the trees are losing their leaves early this will not cause serious long-term problems for the trees. This time of year they have enough reserves in their root system to put out new growth next spring.


Thank you for your answer-that makes me feel better!