Something orange growing in my lawn

Asked October 7, 2018, 6:34 PM EDT

Can you identify this?

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That appears to be an orange peel fungus (mushroom). Mushrooms are known to sprout out in the fall (on trees, on the ground, in flower beds, in lawns, etc) as the weather cools, and usually right after some significant rainfall. They are not harmful to your lawn at all-so no need to eradicate. As with any mushroom, do not eat it unless you have definitely identified it as an edible species. We cannot provide those definitive identifications via the internet-you would need to consult a mushroom expert elsewhere. Nonetheless, they are there in your lawn mostly due to the time of year that we are in (and the significant rainfall recently), so no need to eliminate them as they will not be continuously present year round. In fact, fungi are valuable parts of our ecosystems, so if you are comfortable with having it in your lawn, it will be comfortable, too, and soon disappear as the snow hits the ground.