Invasive lillies of the valley and creeping jenny

Asked October 6, 2018, 6:25 PM EDT

How do I get rid of lillies of the valley and creeping jenny which have gone out of control in my flower beds? Pulling them up by hand doesn't seem to help much.

Washington County Oregon weeds horticulture

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Well, this is a case where a desirable plant becomes undesirable. If you are open to using non-selective herbicides, glyphosate-based herbicides are quite effective. Just be sure to read the directions carefully and then follow them. You do have to have leaves which isn't a problem for creeping jenny but it may be a problem this time of year for the lily of the valley. With lily of the valley, you have to get the pip. Depending on your soil, these may come up easily (I know they do in my yard, but I have a location where I have encouraged the lily of the valley.)

Thank you for your help in getting rid of lilies of the valley and creeping jenny. I'll try Roundup, carefully!

V. Crow