Dying Japanese Maple

Asked October 6, 2018, 4:48 PM EDT

Recently moved to AA County, 21401. A 12-14 ft. Red leaf Maple in front yard has leaf growth on one side and 1/3 of Tree is dead with completely bare branches. appears to have small white/tan spots on some of the leaves, not completely covered, just varied spots. Can I spray or have tree sprayed to keep i t alive? I can have it pruned if need be. Thanks so much for info and assistance........

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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No, don't spray anything. There is no spray that will keep a tree alive. It's important to know what may be going on- disease? insects? abiotic/environmental issues? before trying to treat it in any way.
What can be done now or at any time of year, is to have dead material pruned out.
With a third of the tree missing, you may decide that the tree is not useful or attractive enough to keep in that location.
It is not uncommon for tree leaves to look spotted and tattered this late in the season. Did it look well earlier?
Please read this recent blog post which explains more:

And finally, here is our page that helps homeowners decide when to remove a tree:
Please read through it.