too late to sow grass seed? or cover crop?

Asked October 6, 2018, 3:14 PM EDT

We have an acre of bare soil, disced, gentle grade, that needs erosion control this winter. Is it too late to sow tall fescue? Is it too late to sow a cover crop, such as annual ryegrass? Is there anything we can put down that will germinate and grow a little before the end of the year? Thank you.

Washington County Oregon

2 Responses

It is not too late to seed annual ryegrass. Mid-October is the general deadline for seeding grasses like tall fescue. The survival all depends on how much growth occurs before severe cold winter weather. We have good moisture now and a week of warm weather coming so I would proceed. Since the field has a slope, I would seed some annual ryegrass with the tall fescue. Usual rate is 5 pounds of annuala ryegrass per acre. The annual germinates faster and will help to hold the soil during rains while the fescue establishes.

I am so thankful for this reply. As we head into a hydrologic warning from the NOAA NWS, I can rest a little easier knowing the annual ryegrass germinated, and is holding the soil. We seeded tall fescue at the same time, and it did not germinate.