Cedar siding - dry or green installation?

Asked October 5, 2018, 6:08 PM EDT

I own a Woodmizer bandsaw and can produce beveled siding and board and batten from western red cedar. I've had two different gentlemen tell me that cedar beveled siding is best to attach the boards to the wall with relatively high moisture content, perhaps even green. One of the men definitely has extensive knowledge about all things related to forestry, and I tend to believe him as he explained the nailing procedure and the "floating top edge" that allows drying in place without cracking. Do you have a reference on this topic that I can point to such that I can convince non-believing customers?

Pierce County Washington

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While it is certainly possible to install western red cedar using the methods described, assuring the "floating top edge". Most installation recommendations suggest acclimating (air driyng to local conditions) are best rather than installing green. This helps to avoid shrinkage and splitting issues. Many consumers complain when the wood shrinks and leaves an edge lighter in color than the remaining siding.

See the enclosed link for application recommendations from the Western Red Cedar Association.