When should I put roundup around my lawn and shrubs

Asked October 5, 2018, 6:05 PM EDT

I have had a Japanese Beetle problem for the last few years. I purchased Scott's Grubex. When and where should I apply?

Dakota County Minnesota

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Despite this question's header, we presume the question relates to Grubex, not Roundup. If that's not correct, please reply and clarify the question.

Now is not a good time to apply most grub control products. Follow label directions.

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I meant Grubex, not Roundup. Sorry.

According to experts at the University of Minnesota, "the best time to apply insecticides for grubs is from mid-July until early September. Granular applied insecticides distributed on soil with a spreader are usually the best insecticides for Japanese beetles."

Don't apply a grub control product unless the lawn has been damaged and grubs are actually found beneath the turf in significant numbers. If control is needed, limit applications to the lawn.