Propagate seeds with a hot water treatment.

Asked October 5, 2018, 1:17 PM EDT

My Newly favorite garden book is 'Real Gardens Grow Natives" by Eileen M. Stark. One of her plant descriptions is of Ceanothus prostratus. page 180. This sounds like a delightful ground cover that will grow well in Sisters.She recommends that this plant be propagated from seeds "collected in late summer or fall, treated with hot water, and sown outdoors." I would appreciate your advice about how to do the hot water treatment.

Deschutes County Oregon

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Ceanothus prostratus grows well west of the Cacasdes but unfortunately not well on the east side in our region. Are you wanting to plant it here in Central Oregon? Here is a list of natives for our region:

Here is a pictorial plant guide that includes Natives:

Hot water treatment directions:

Thanks, Amy Jo

Thanks Amy Jo, It was great that you knew where to look for the soaking instructions. It sound like I can put them in a tea bag dropped into a glass of warm tap water over night and then plant them the next day.
I have found these plants growing in the National Forest on this side of the divide and hope that they will do all right in the irrigated bed under our Ponderosas. Thank you for helping.