Apple Question

Asked October 4, 2018, 11:33 AM EDT

Hello, Could you possibly tell me what kind of apple this is? I am thinking that it is some kind of crabapple, maybe European. Also, I know it has Sooty Blotch/ Fly Speck. I am interested in knowing what the brown spot is near the stem. Is it just a bad spot or another fungus that is affecting it.

Gladwin County Michigan

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No I cannot determine what variety of apple it is. Do you know if it is an escaped seedling or a planted tree and therefore a named variety.
I have seen many small golden delicious fruit that look similar so that is my guess.
That would be a vary large crabapple and few varieties are that large.
As to the rot on the side of the apple, it does not look like any of the common apple rots, white rot, black rot and bitter rot usually have concentric rings formed as the fungus spreads. I think it is a soft rot, probably caused by Botrytis. There probably had to be a wound in the skin to get started.