I live in Columbus, Ohio, more precisely in the Village of Marble Cliff,...

Asked October 4, 2018, 11:00 AM EDT

I live in Columbus, Ohio, more precisely in the Village of Marble Cliff, which is just northwest of Columbus. In the last two weeks I have found about a dozen dead yellow jackets (and one live one) in an upstairs bedroom and the adjacent bathroom. The dead yellow jackets are all on the windowsills or the floor immediately below the windows. The one live yellow jacket was crawling up a west-facing window. This particular bedroom and bathroom have an attic crawlspace above them. I've gone into the attic and have shined a flashlight into the crawlspace (which is full of pink insulation) but I do not see or hear anything. Do you think I may have a nest somewhere in my house? If so, can you please recommend an exterminator? Thank you so much.

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The yellow jackets that you've found are most likely looking for food (carbohydrates), and, or warmth as their season winds down. They will die when their food sources disappear with winter. A yellow jacket nest only lasts one year.
If you are still concerned, please contact your Franklin County Extension office for advice on beekeepers or exterminators.
I've listed their website below as well as a link for an interesting article about wasps and yellow jackets.
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