Could you please help me identify this spider.

Asked October 4, 2018, 9:23 AM EDT

Could you please help me identify this spider. I took this picture early this morning.

Thank you!!!

Middlesex County New Jersey spider identification

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I think this is a cross orbweaver spider, Araneus diadematus It is commonly encountered next to buildings with exterior lighting—even occurring in lighted stairwells of structures in more rural settings. Common this time of year, in the fall, sitting in the web upside down. I currently have one under the eaves of my front porch.

Here is an article written by two of our entomologists here at Delaware, regarding the good aspects of spiders in the home and landscape:

Thank you for contacting Cooperative Extension.


Thank you so much for responding Nancy. I was amazed at this spider. Attached is a cool night shot I just took of this spider. Thanks

Ed Brady

Yes, they are kind of fascinating. I enjoy watching them too, but always want to know where they are by the porch so I do not walk into their web!