cutting back shrubs

Asked October 4, 2018, 8:37 AM EDT

The landscaping around our home consists of hydrangea, spirea, wegelia, nine bark, miniature lilac, ashley spirea, dogwood and autumn joy sedum. When is the right time to cut these shrubs back, fall or early spring. Thank you! Mary Kaye Truesdell

Martin County Minnesota

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The general rule of thumb is: Prune right after bloom. It also depends on the purpose of the pruning: shaping, rejuvenating, removing dead branches, etc. Here is a good article to provide some guidance:

If you prune the flowering shrubs now you may have a sparser bloom next year, but may have more blooms in later years.

To your question:

Hydrangea-Depends on the Hydrangea. Annabelle’s I prune in the fall.

Spirea – After Bloom, to rejuvenate: cut back to a couple of inches in the fall.

Weglia – After Bloom

Nine Bark -Spring

Miniature Lilac-After Bloom

Ashley Spirea –After Bloom

Dogwood – Early Spring

Autumn Joy Sedum- Leave up for winter interest, cut down in the spring.