Hydroponics method of cultivation

Asked October 4, 2018, 8:23 AM EDT

What is hydroponics system and why we go for this method instead of organic cultivation?


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Hydroponics and organic production are very different in the way they are marketed; however, both are similar in that they have higher production cost. Hydroponics is the soilless culture of plants. It is very intensive and typically requires the use of a greenhouse. Hydroponic systems utilize the same nutrients found in the soil however they are concentrated and mixed at the optimum ratios. Root systems in hydroponics are in constant contact with the nutrient solution. Combining ideal nutrient availability with optimum environment conditions allows for increased production. Hydroponic growers are often looking to market high quality products year round or in areas where conventional production is unavailable. Organic production was started first to conserve and build soil. It utilizes inputs that are primarily from naturally derived sources. These organic inputs are expensive and often less effective than inputs used in conventional field production, resulting in lower yields. In order to be profitable, organic products are marketed as such and command a higher price. At this point hydroponics and organic production are both commercially viable and one is chosen over the other simply due to the target market. This website can provide you with more information about hydroponics http://smallfarms.ifas.ufl.edu/crops/hydroponics/hydroponic_production.html