Difference between a Norwegian sunset maple and Pacific sunset maple tree

Asked October 3, 2018, 11:39 PM EDT

Does the pacific sunset maple tree grow helicopter like wings as a fruit by product? We have planted 17 pacific sunset maple trees in our HOA as replacements. We planted them within 1 - 3 yrs ago and they have grown seed like pods that look like tiny wings. I am disappointed because they will make cleaning up more challenging when they drop their fruit in the autumn. I am thinking that they may not be Pacific sunset maples, because I did some research and photos of the branches and leaves do not show seed pods on them. If they are not pacific sunset maples we may need to replace them. What is your take on this?

Washington County Oregon

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I will ask one of the university professionals to take your question because of the number of trees, and the HOA involvement. This may require a couple more days for a response.


The structures you describe do sound like the fruit of a maple. I looked up information on Pacific Sunset and Norwegian Sunset Maple and though both are hybrid maples (and evidently quite similar), there was nothing to indicate they are sterile, so both presumably will produce seed. So, if they were labelled Pacific Sunset and their overall characteristics are consistent with that cultivar, the presence of the fruit would not imply they are not. Feel free to write directly to the email address with other questions.