Maryland Spider Identification Question.

Asked October 3, 2018, 8:56 PM EDT

I live in Joppa, Harford County, Maryland .. I saw three of these spiders in my yard this evening, I was just wondering what kind of spider they are.. Are they dangerous to humans? They are big as half my finger. I could not get a scale image of the biggest one, he was a half bigger then this one. I love to watch them and would never harm them since I am sure they eat a lot of pest insects... I just wanted to know what they were... Thanks

Harford County Maryland wolf spider insect or spider id beneficial insects and pollinators

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We are glad to hear how you regard spiders as interesting and important creatures.
This is a wolf spider.
They are not dangerous to humans, though they can bite when squeezed. The bite is not of medical importance.
They are great predator spiders. They have very good vision and hunt down prey day and night. They do not make webs because they are hunting spiders.
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