lawn deteriation.

Asked October 3, 2018, 1:04 PM EDT

Lawn has extensive bare spots covering half of existing front lawn. treated with diatomaceous earth, Compost Nature's Yield, Natural Guard Soil Activator,Organic Lawn Fertilizer and Seed Grass Bluegrass mix in March/April, with minimal good results. Lots of beige blades in rest of grass.
Entire lawn very bumpy.

Arapahoe County Colorado

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Hello there,

It sounds like you have put a lot of effort into improving your lawn with little of no results.

Can you please give me a little background?
1. Did you ever have a soil test performed on the turf's soil? If so, what were the results?
2. In what direction does you lawn face?
3. Did you ever have the lawn problem from the spring diagnosed? (In Arapahoe county we saw a lot of lawn problems due to inadequate winter watering. The main cause was turf mite damage.)
4. Can you please send me some photos of your turf -- some close ups of the infected blades and some overall photos of the area?

I look forward to hearing from you.

PS The bumpiness in your lawn is probably due to earthworm activity.