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Asked October 2, 2018, 4:58 PM EDT

Good Afternoon, I am hopeful that I can find some information to help the City of Donald. The City Council and Planning Commission just completed a lengthy processes of updating their Development Code. An overarching theme is to be more eco-friendly and wiser using natural resources. One of the concepts, is to encourage developers to use native plants in landscaping. Instead of just saying it the leadership would like to give developers a handout listing native plants that are good for landscaping. Do you have such a list? Secondly, the City has requirements that say only certain trees can be planted in public areas and wants to encourage property owners to use the list too. However, we don't have a good list. Do you have access to such a list? I know that other nearby small cities would also be interested in the list too. I am happy to talk more in-depth about these projects and our requests. Please just give me a phone call or email. Thank you very much for your time and help! I am thankful to have your organization as a starting place!

Marion County Oregon

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OSU Extension Publications has a good publication on use of native plants in western Oregon, EC 1577, "Gardening with Oregon Native Plants west of the Cascades. The URL below is the link to the publication

We do not have a list of street trees, but for enquiries like these I usually defer to my colleague at the Oregon Department of Forestry Urban Forestry Program. Kristin Ramstad. Her contact information is below:

Kristin Ramstad

Manager, Urban and Community Forestry Assistance Program

Phone: 503-945-7390

Physical and mailing address:

Urban Forestry Program

Oregon Department of Forestry

2600 State Street

Salem, OR 97310

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact me directly at the email address below. Thank You!

Thank you very much! Good place for us to get started.
-Heidi Bell