Silver Maple dropping leaves with odd looking spots??

Asked October 2, 2018, 4:12 PM EDT

We have three very old (30+ years) and very large Silver Maples in our yard. One of them is dropping its leaves without turning any colors, and they have strange looking dark patches and spots. The other two trees seem fine and they are not dropping any leaves at this time. We are wondering if the tree that is loosing its leaves is sick or has some sort of disease? Thank you,

Montgomery County Maryland silver maple losing leaves tree

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We have had many questions this summer about maple trees losing leaves. Due to the wet weather, they have been subject to a couple of leaf spot diseases - anthracnose and phyllostica leaf spot. Even though the trees are losing their leaves early this will not cause serious long-term problems for the trees. This time of year they have enough reserves in their root system to put out new growth next spring.