Canker Disease in Ornamental Maple Trees

Asked October 2, 2018, 1:42 PM EDT

Hello. I work for a garden center in Grand Rapids. I have been getting some questions on tree canker and bacterial disease in the Arbor Hills area (Arbor Chase Street residents, on Maple trees.) I tried doing some research myself, but am having trouble finding what I need.. Apparently the maple trees were diagnosed by a service with a canker disease called Apricot Canker Bacterial disease and advised it is very contagious but when I do a search I am finding only 'Stone Fruit tree Canker' information, and not able to tell which other ornamental trees will be in danger of contracting this. Can you point me to a helpful link or give me some information? I don't want to replace a tree with another vulnerable tree. Thanks so much!

Calhoun County Michigan maple trees tree canker

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Hello, The only canker disease that I can find on maples is the nectria cinnabarina canker. It is difficult to know what you are referring to. I suggest that you contact the original grower of the tree to establish the exact specimen. You may contact another certified arborist diagnostician in your area by going to the professional arborists website: To learn more about the diasease.