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Asked October 2, 2018, 1:10 PM EDT

What is the latest date to reseed a lawn in Southeastern Michigan? I hope to aerate the lawn and then reseed.

Oakland County Michigan reseed lawn

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The latest time frame would be about the last 6 weeks of moderate temperatures above 50F in late summer-early fall. Here in SE Michigan that is typically mid-August to mid-September. If we were to have an unusually warm fall that period could be extended.

Based on our weather pattern this year, I would say it is too late to seed. You can still aerate, and apply a last fertilizer application this October.

As you can see, it depends on the weather and that can only be an estimate.

There is a late-season seeding technique called ‘dormant seeding’ which puts seed down and allows it to lay dormant all winter, germinating in spring when conditions warm up. See the last paragraph of this article for the details on that—-

Here are lawn references for you on aeration, care and spring seeding, should you need them —-

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