Currant Bushes Dying

Asked October 2, 2018, 12:03 PM EDT

I have about 7 currant bushes that are a good 12 years old, and they have borne crops for all those years, which I mainly allow the birds to eat. Suddenly this summer they are dying. I Notice on the one remaining plant the leaves have brownish-red spots. On the dead plants, whose buds did not seem to break out and are still on the plants, that there are a few sparse cobwebs between the branches with some gnats or fruit flies trapped in the flimsy webs. Not sure if the webs are the cause or result of the die-back. Is there a known cause for this?

Jessamine County Kentucky

1 Response

It is difficult to diagnose what is going on with your current bushes without seeing them. If you can bring some plant samples to the Jessamine County Extension Office at 95 Park Dr., Nicholasville KY, I can deliver them to the University of Kentucky Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab for diagnosis.

Call me at (859) 885-4811 if you have any questions.