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Asked October 2, 2018, 11:07 AM EDT

Good Morning! We are so desperate for help with this problem. Please take a look at the attached photographs. We have had this gunk appear for 5+ years on our porch but this year is 10x worse then past years. The attached photos are just snippets, our entire porch is COVERED with this gunk, even the roof!! About two years ago we contacted an exterminator to just try to identify the reason for the gunk, he advised that it looked like wasp poop and wanted to spray behind every crack and crevice. Because of the volume, even two years ago, we were not convinced that little wasps could produce that much poop, plus we just want to shoo the wasps away, not kill them . . . whenever possible we are a no kill home :)! Can you please help with this identification and if you are able to determine what is causing this, can you please offer suggestions for getting this under control. P.S. This service is wonderful. In the Spring I contacted you because my BEAUTIFUL knockout roses were getting chewed to pieces. The culprit was identified as a sawfly and I was offered suggestions for elimination. We mixed up our own horticulture oil and in just two applications and a few months I had my rose back. Thanks so much!!!

Calvert County Maryland

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We cannot say for sure what you are dealing with. Some possibilities include mold and some spider poop (light colored areas). Here is what we recommend.
Power wash the affected areas. Turn off the lights at night and go out and watch to see if you can detect any type of pest. Once the areas are cleaned up you can monitor for fresh debris/spots. As soon as you notice symptoms you can send us photos.