Pine tree

Asked October 2, 2018, 10:54 AM EDT

I’m not sure if I am in the right department, I am looking for information on why a pine tree just all of a sudden die. This has happened to us twice already. Full grown beautiful pine trees turned totally brown. If this is not the correct department could you please let me know who I can contact. Thank you so much Rena Keenoy

Clare County Michigan pine trees

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It is impossible to identify what is actually going on with you tree from photos. I believe that is a balsam fir tree but it is difficult to be 100% sure. I suspect a issue with the roots maybe Armillaria root rot, too wet or dry or perhaps an insect. To check for Armillaria, gently remove the bark from the roots or root collar area of a suspicious-looking tree. Look for a dense, white "mat" of fungal tissue growing between the bark and the wood. Here is more information on armillaria

Thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate it.
Rena Keenoy

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