type of grass I have?

Asked October 1, 2018, 1:57 PM EDT

Good morning,

I'm a new homeowner in Eagle Vail, Colorado, and have grass in my backyard but have no idea of the type of grass. I checked online and am guessing it's a mix of a cold weather grass like Kentucky Blue Grass (fine) and heavier tuft such as fescue but it could be something else. If I take a photo, would you be able to tell me which it is. Also, should I follow a schedule of fertilizing and aerating and do now?

Eagle County Colorado

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Unfortunately, it is very difficult to identify a grass species through a picture, since you need to look at structures in the grass that are best seen through at a high magnification. If you bring a sample in to the Garfield County extension office (in Rifle, CO), I would be able to look at it under a microscope and determine the species.

Fall is a good time to fertilize certain lawns, since it will improve the turf density, resulting in a fuller lawn the following spring.
You can learn more about that here:

Fall is also the best time of year to aerate cool-season lawns, and it is important to make sure that the desirable grass species are doing well before you aerate. Never aerate when a lawn is dormant.
You can learn more about lawn care (including aeration) here: