Amur Maackias leaves

Asked October 1, 2018, 12:34 PM EDT

I have 2 7-foot amur maackias's that were planted last fall. They are about 50 feet apart. During the summer, I have been giving them 15 gallons of water once a week in the slow-dispensing bags that go around their trunks. They have a mound of mulch around their bases. In the past month, the leaves on one of them are purpling on the margins while the other does not have this happening. It started on the leaves on the lower branches, but is spreading to the leaves on the higher branches.There is no insect that I can detect. Can you help me know why this is happening and/or if this is a problem I can help remedy? I am especially concerned because it is happening to just one and not the other. Thank you for your assistance. Carol Landsberg

Clark County Washington

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