Pickled radish canning recipe

Asked October 1, 2018, 12:23 PM EDT

I cannot seem to find a water bath canning recipe for pickled radish. I am new to canning but wasn’t sure if you base it on another vegetable pickle recipe. Can you point me to one? Thanks, Bridget

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I'm sorry to report that there are no tested recipes from reliable resources for canning pickled radishes with water bath canning or pressure canning. I reviewed current publications from the National Center for Home Food Preservation: Complete Guide to Home Canning; U Georgia Press: So Easy to Preserve (2017); Oregon State U: Pickling Vegetables, PNW 355 (2015, revised), Ball Blue Book (2017) and Ball Complete Book to Home Preserving (2012).

I also checked on recipes published by several popular popular pickling authors (recipe books found in bookstores). These authors recommend fresh eating or storing in the refrigerator for short periods until they are used. We have observed that Kimchi recipes only recommend Daikon radishes because other radishes do not produce a good quality product.

Recipes usually don't get published for two reasons: the final product is of poor quality or there is risk of food borne illness, usually botulism.

We suggest you eat your pickled radishes fresh! If you have excess radishes, you might want to try them in a stir-fry or roasting them to increase your variety of options.