Back Yard Chicken Management

Asked October 1, 2018, 3:16 AM EDT

Can I Feed My Back Yard(village Chickens) With Broiler Chicken Feed?

Outside United States

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You can feed them broiler feed. However there are a couple of issues with that feed. The first is that it will have a lot of calories in comparison to layer feed. I dont think this will be an issue, but if these birds are putting on too much weight and they are for egg production then that could be a problem. The second and more serious problem with broiler feed is that it lacks calcium, which the birds need for proper egg formation. You can supplement this by making available oyster shell or some other calcium source. They might even be ok if these birds are ranged (pastured). If that is the case they can forage for their own sources of calcium, but it still would be good to have it available.