Did I eat a poisonous berry?

Asked September 30, 2018, 2:50 PM EDT

I was hiking in a state park on Whidbey Island in Aug and ate a lot of what looked like a great bunch of blackberries to me. It was one thicket after another of untouched berries . They were very tart and not that good, but seemed edible . Later that evening I got dizzy and remained that way for the day and less so the next day . I felt like it took a few days to get back to feeling normal. I did not vomit, no other symptoms. I wonder what I ate? Thankd you


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Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, without a photo of the berry and the plant, about all we can do is narrow down the type of berry. Many look alike. Here is an article with the edible berries of the Pacific Northwest that you might be able to use to ID what you ate: https://northernbushcraft.com/berries/

The Oregon grape can be toxic in excess, and is often confused with holly berries, which are toxic, both of which are some berries described in this article: https://www.washington.edu/wholeu/2017/06/28/a-quick-and-juicy-guide-to-berries-of-the-northwest/

A non-exclusive list of toxic/poisonous plants which includes at least one berry-producing plant family (the nightshades) is here: https://extension.wsu.edu/animalag/content/selected-poisonous-plants-of-the-pacific-northwest/

It is primarily about animals, but there are reports of humans getting ill from eating the nightshade berries, as the second article details.

Sorry I can't help you further, but without a photo of the plant's leaves and the fruit, it's rather a crapshoot.

Thank you so much for your time . I appreciated getting the articles . Plants are pretty amazing. It was good to have a place to ask the question. Karrol B

We are here for you! The more information, the better!