Serviceberry tree

Asked September 29, 2018, 5:51 PM EDT

My serviceberry did not bloom this year, no leaves no berries etc. looks dead! It was trimmed in late spring, did they cut off all buds? Will it come back next year and bloom? Is there anything I can do to bring it back to life next spring?

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Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your serviceberry. With respect to the pruning, if all the old wood was pruned, there would be few flowers because they flower from old wood. However, there should be some leaves even if there are no flowers. Preferably they should be pruned when they are dormant in the winter or spring after flowering, removing all dead and crossing branches. I doubt that pruning it would have killed it so there is probably some other reason for its condition. To establish whether it is still alive, scratch a piece of bark off with your thumb nail. If the wood under the bark is green then it is still viable. If that is the case you will have to establish what caused it to lose its leaves. It may have a root problem, perhaps it did not receive enough water, or it may be planted incorrectly. Once you have established that it is living, I suggest you call a certified arborist to assess the tree. You can find one in your area by going to the website of the International Society of Arborists: