Chicken pests in Colorado

Asked September 29, 2018, 11:14 AM EDT

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I was curious as to what kinds/species of chicken mites and lice have been seen in Colorado. I have heard that altitude can affect some species of mites (dust mites), making it harder for them to survive here.
As a Colorado chicken owner, do I have one less kind of pest to worry about? Or are chicken mites still just as problematic here as they are at lower altitudes?
Many thanks in advance for your help and expertise!

Denver County Colorado poultry

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Unfortunately, mites and lice are still an issue here in Colorado, at least up and down the Front Range. At very high altitudes they might be affected but in Denver you will need to check for mites.

A good natural treatment for mites and lice is to use fireplace ashes for your chickens to dust bath in. We also recommend using Garden & Poultry Dust for treatment, there are other poultry spray treatments that also work. Treat by putting dust or sprays on the chicken and on the roosts, nesting boxes, everything. They’re many other treatments for these parasites. If your birds have some dust bath areas, you can add a little dust to those areas. If they have leg mite you can cover their legs with petroleum jelly which prevents them from hatching and they then fall off.

​Always keep your chicken coops clean and dry. Use dust like Garden & Poultry dust to prevent these parasites. Make sure your chickens have a place to dust bath. Regularly check your chickens for these parasites (at night will be easier because you won’t have to catch them).

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