One more question today....

Asked September 29, 2018, 9:44 AM EDT

Can you identify this plant? We did have some Goji berry plants and some blueberry plants in the box next to this one planted in 2015, but neither of those were producing any berries so I pulled all in Fall 2017. Could these be blueberries? Thank you!

Washington County Minnesota

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They are not blue berries. They look like the nightshade plant.

I don't know what "the nightshade plant" is. Tried clicking on the link you offered which didn't tell me anything. I decided to Google what it is and see images that are exactly like mine and that it's VERY poisonous. Yikes!!

There are several nightshade varieties and several are common weeds. It is a serious agricultural pest. Human poisoning’s are rare. Not all varieties are VERY poisonous but it is not something you or pets should eat.

Sorry the “VERY” looks sarcastic and that is not the intent. Deadly nightshade is very toxic but it is uncommon in MN. Common nightshade is not very toxic but it is not edible.